For our customers we provide a complete array of services.


Knowledge, experience and state of the art technology, incepted.

With over 30 years of personal experience in electronic road traffic equipment systems, we can solve problems in most price/performance effective way.

If you need advice on:

  • what vehicle detection system would be needed,
  • how should the logistic terminal traffic or parking lot be organized,
  • what measures would make the city traffic flow smoother,
  • how should intersection control be optimized,
  • where and how should traffic detectors be placed...

you came to the right place. We deliver solid advice, backed with experience, examples and calculations. We recommend technology which is top-notch, as well as field-proven.


Project design

Documentation that defines the project

We provide complete project design on intelligent transport systems (ITS), smart roads, smart cities and other roadside electronic equipment in the following areas:

  • signalized intersections,
  • variable message signs,
  • emergency roadside telephones,
  • traffic counting and data collection,
  • urban traffic control centers,
  • tunnel automation, supervision and control,
  • open road traffic systems,
  • speed measurement and red light enforcement.

Delivered documentation is exact and can be used as bidding documentation or as documentation for project execution. We listen to our costumers and adapt to their needs and requests.


Project execution

Solid project execution from start to finish. We deliver.

We at Asist do projects. We listen to our investor, we study and follow the project documentation, we respect the project supervisors and consulting companies. Even best drawn projects change. We are flexible enough to adapt, to improve, to achieve.

We use our own products, as well as field-proven technology of numerous partners and other companies. We don't miss deadlines and we estimate budgets correctly. As it may be seen from our growing portfolio of references, investors value our achievements.


Lifetime project management

When a system is put in operation, there is only one thing that is constant: change. Everything changes with time. A small addition here, a slight change there, a new feature there, a bug fix here... We at Asist care for our products through their whole lifetime. Because we are in control of technology we use, we can improve and adapt the systems we installed. We can make improvements, changes and additions that make system better, more user-friendly, or faster. New features can be added, old things that were broken fixed.

At the end, the end user gets the system that works, around the clock, according to their needs and wishes. Only when our customers are happy we are satisfied.

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