Modular traffic controller for both traffic systems and industry


MSKE 60 is a modular controller for intelligent traffic systems (ITS), intersection control and industrial automation. Powerful, durable and sturdy, this industrial computer is a heart of any complex system that needs more than a simple PLC.

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The MSKE 60 traffic controller is versatile and durable unit for control and supervision of traffic systems. First MSKE 60 units were installed over 20 years ago and many are still in operation. The operation of controller is aiming to secure the maximal safety for traffic participants. Therefore controller has self-test and self-diagnostic capabilities. The MSKE 60 traffic controllers are able to satisfy all the requirements of the modern urban or highway traffic control systems with or without traffic control center.

The traffic light controllers of MSKE 60 family are EN-12675 certified (Traffic signal controllers - Functional safety requirements).


MSKE 60 family uses the 19" passive backbone system with the following modules:

  • PCP-24 system power supply module, 24V
  • PCP-5S system power supply module, 5V/12V/-12V
  • CPU-32 PowerPC-based central processing module
  • ARP-32 ARM9-based central processing module
  • EKB-2S power output module (traffic light control)
  • KDI-8 control panel with foil keys and LCD display
  • DVD-4 4-channel loop detector module
  • IPU-1 input power unit
  • VFZ-01 main input protection and filtering unit
  • LPZ-1 protection unit against overvoltage from the communication line.


To be used for maintenance, some of older modules are still available:

  • SC-307 MC68k307-based central processing module,
  • DCI-32 detector and communication interface,
  • FSU-16 flashing and synchronizing unit.

MSKE 60 can be used for the following:

  • Intersection control (traffic lights controller)
  • Tunnel supervision and control
  • Smart roads control
  • Variable message signs control
  • Vehice-to-Infrastructure communications (V2I)
  • Industrial automation
  • Communication interfaces
  • Protocol conversion.

Main benefits of the MSKE 60 controller are:

  • high flexibility (modular structure) of hardware and software and thus simple extension and upgrading,
  • simple and clear wiring,
  • high integration of electronic components and capable microprocessor provide for reliable operation,
  • permanent supervision of all power outputs and thus high degree of operation safety,
  • possibility of remote programming,
  • large selection of communication channels and types of communications,
  • the controller is user-friendly,
  • high input/output capability.

Mechanical and electrical

Dimensions (mm)

various sizes


19" rack mount backbone, Europa-format modules


Operating temperature

-25 .. +75ºC


5 .. 95% non-condensing




RS-232, RS-485, ethernet, GPRS/EDGE/3G, etc.





Max. signal outputs

192 controlled + 192 repeaters

Inputs and outputs

8/8 internal, external unit available

Output control

voltage, current, power measurement

Minimum load

3 W (resistive)

Maximum sustained load

100 W (resistive) + 200 W (repeater)

Minimum turn-on current

13 mA (rms)

Output type


Breakdown input voltage

600 V (peak)

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