Presentation of Pilot V2I system implementation in Slovenia, ISEP 2018

You are warmly invited to the International Symposium of Electronics in Transport, ISEP 2018, to the presentation of Asist's paper on Pilot V2I System Implementation in Slovenia.

This year's topic of the ISEP Sypostium is Challenges for autonomous driving. On Monday, March 26th, our colleague Anže Jarni will present the paper about Asist's Pilot V2I System Implementation, by the authors Savin Gorup, Anže Jarni and Dragan Vodopivec (Asist d.o.o.)

For some time now, technology for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication, commonly named V2X communications, has been deployed via pilot projects throughout Europe. In Q3 2017 Asist has set up a first V2I test site on Slovenian motorways, at the entry of Šentvid tunnel, as part of the research and development project V2I Smart Highway.

As with any new technology, practical experience is very important. The paper presented at ISEP 2018 includes technical description of the V2I system and its components, provides an insight into the development of the appropriate applications, and also shows capabilities, challenges, and lessons learned while putting the system in operation on Slovenian highways. It also gives ideas for future work in this field.

For more detailed programme about the Symposium check the official ISEP 2018 webpage.

The Project V2I Smart Highway is co-founded by Republic of Slovenia and European Union from European regional development fund.

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