The real Smart Road Traffic Controller


SRTC-6 is a cost effective, modular controller for road traffic systems.

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SRTC-6 is a modular controller for road traffic systems. It was designed with the following requitements:


  • minimal module count for all required functionality,

  • use and reuse of standard, tested modules for cost effective solution,

  • DIN rail mounting,

  • extensive software support for easy programming and diagnostic,

  • optional attachable diagnostic display,

  • various communication options (TCP/IP as standard, others may be ordered),

  • safety and standard compliance.


Due to its high versatility and software support, SRTC-6 may be used in large number of applications: as intersection controller, as a unit in tunnel supervision and control systems, in smart roads and VMS applications etc.


Configuration and costumization is possible via graphical software tools. Flexible programming platform allows for almost limitless traffic program actions.


SRTC-6 supports all necessary functions, such as:


  • Multiple signal plans: The controller has multiple different signal plans, each providing different operating modes of intersection.

  • Coordinated operation: Multiple controllers can be operated close to one other, giving "green wave" to drivers.

  • Traffic-actuated operation: The controller can extend (green in) phase, skip phase or even reorder phases based on traffic sensed by traffic detector units of various type (inductive, microwave, video detection or infra-red).

  • Pre-emption: The controller can shorten phase, reorder phases, or hold phase due to some external event (for example incoming train or tram).

  • Priority of public transport: The controller can process request for incoming public transport vehicles, giving them priority green if possible.

  • Support for additional devices: Special devices can be operated by controller which add to safety, better operation, or informative capabilities, such as countdown traffic lights (or green counter), variable message signs, GPS receivers, SMS messaging units, etc.

  • Communication capabilities: The unit is able to communicate with other units or with higher level (traffic control centre) via various communication paths, protocols and media types.

  • Data collection: The controller collects, stores and forwards traffic data, system logs and other important data.


SRTC-6 is designed for outside use in IP45 rated cabinet, which may be ordered as an option.



  • Intersection control (Traffic lights controller)

  • Tunnel supervision and control

  • Smart roads

  • Vehice-to-infrastructure communications

  • Industrial automation

  • Communication interfaces

  • Protocol conversion



  • cost-effective

  • simple DIN rail mounting

  • versatile interfacing options

  • easy to use and program

  • safe and secure

  • standards compliant



Mechanical and electrical

Dimensions (mm)

various sizes


DIN rail mounting (EN 60715)


Operating temperature

-25 .. +75ºC


5 .. 95% non-condensing




RS-232, RS-485, ethernet, GPRS/EDGE/3G, etc.




24 - 240Vac

Max. signal outputs

96 controlled + 96 repeaters (per bus)

Inputs and outputs

6/8 internal, external unit available

Output control

voltage, current, power measurement

Minimum load

3 W (resistive)

Maximum sustained load

460 W (resistive)

Minimum turn-on current

13 mA (rms)

Output type


Breakdown input voltage

600 V (peak)


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