Client: DARS

Fog detection and prevention system, 2019

Section from Razdrto to Senožeče becomes safer with LED direction lights along the driving lanes.

Asist put in operation fog detection and prevention system on Razdrto-Senožeče section, first of its kind on Slovenian highways. There is a frequent fog build-up on this section due to specific microclimatic conditions. In 2016, a tragic accident accident happened due fog in which 55 vehicles were involved and four lives were lost.

To prevent future accidents, 192 LED direction lights were installed on both directions to warn drivers of the fog, incident or other special events. LEDs can operate in always-on or flashing mode and adjust luminosity automatically for day/night condition.
Fog build-up is detected automatically with local visibility sensor, but the system is also connected to the neighbouring road weather stations.

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