Client: DARS

Smart highway traffic management system, 2020

Additional information about real time traffic on the road section Zakl Podlehnik, close to SLO-CRO border crossing Gruškovje.

In 2020, ASIST has successfully implemented and handed over to National Highway Agency DARS d.d. a new traffic management system on the A4 highway - section Zakl junction to Podlehnik.

This is the first such system in this section, combining 5 variable message signs (VMS), which are integrated into the existing vertical road signalling equipment at each VMS location. With such a solution, it is possible to provide the user with additional information on the situation at the mentioned section. The entire section was equipped with video surveillance, which enables traffic supervisors to monitor traffic flow on a very busy section in front of the international border crossing Gruškovje in real time.

The rapid transfer of critical information from the infrastructure to the drivers is crucial so that traffic flow on such demanding road sections runs safely and without unwanted congestions.

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