Client: DRSI, Iskra

Sten Tunnel - Škofja Loka bypass, 2015

Control and supervision system in a single tube, two-way traffic tunnel, with newest technology.

As a part of Škofja Loka bypass Sten tunnel has been commited to public use end of October 2015.

Asist delivered control and supervision systems which integrates:

  • fire alert system (with more than 40 automatic sensors, push buttons and actuators),
  • fibro laser system,
  • ventilation system (ventilation for main tube and rescue tube),
  • power supply system (low and high voltage supervision),
  • waste water and hydrant water basin, pump and valve supervision and control,
  • different types of variable message signs (VMS),
  • traffic signal heads, blinkers, barriers,
  • emergency call units (VoIP enabled),
  • help push buttons, door magnetic switches, automatic doors,
  • video detection and incident detection system,
  • radio and speaker system.

All local control and signal acquisition is executed on field with seven SRTC-6 controller units, connected to fully supervised Ethernet network with SNMP protocol-enabled switches. Visualization, reporting, alarms and log-in are provided with a SCADA system. System controls around 1800 data points and has over 300 different commands.

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