Client: Semafor Zagreb, Croatia Road Authorities, City of Zagreb, City of Zadar, City of Karlovac

Urban Traffic Control Systems in Croatia, 2013 - 2015

UTCS was made in partnership with Semafor d.o.o., market leader in urban traffic control systems in Croatia.

Partnering with Semafor d.o.o (Zagreb, Croatia), Asist supplied core components for four traffic control systems:

  • in the city of Zagreb,

  • for Croatia Road Authorities,

  • in the city of Zadar,

  • in the city of Karlovac.

Together, over 60 intersections are connected via mobile networking (GPRS/EDGE/3G). Diagnostics, alarms, traffic data, and location information (integrated with Google maps and Street View) are available in one easy to use control system. SCADA system also enables alarming, visualization and archive/reporting functions.

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