Client: Iskra d.d.

Smart Road System Postojna - Senožeče, 2017

In order to increase safety, a new system of variable road signaling was installed on the A1 motorway in Slovenia, between Postojna in Senožeče.

Asist participated in "Smart Road" project in section of A1 highway, Slovenia. We commissioned five new local stations, a smart fiber optics switch backbone (10 managed switches) and a server to collect the data and transfer it to the SCADA system. Local stations control 17 different variable message signs, from smaller 64x64 point to full graphics signs.

New system is especially effective in event of unexpected fog, which can form in this area locally due to specific terrain configuration. In 2016, a heavy accident involving multiple cars happened in this section, causing four death victims and over 30 injured. Additionally, a strong bora wind sometimes blows in the section, which causes problems for unprepared drivers. Hopefully, VMS signs will allow drivers to recognize dangerous situations on time and reduce accidents on this critical section.

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