Client: DARS

Smart Road System Training Simulator, 2021

Computer simulator for training of road traffic management center operators.

Motorway ring around Slovenia capital Ljubljana has been since 2008 equiped with over 25 full-graphics VMS, traffic detectors and video surveilance system. Additionally, ring goes through two fully equipped tunnels and one short tunnel. All systems are connected to a DARS (Slovenian motorway authority) traffic control center, and operate as a single unified smart road system.

Together with companies Q-Free Traffic Design and PNZ, Asist developed a training simulator for center operators. The simulator features micro- and mezo-simulator, based on a morning peak traffic measurement, a SCADA system (same as in real center), an instructor console and various interfaces. Instructor can set various special events (such as accidents, weather conditions, road closures etc.), which can happen on an open road or in tunnel. The operator trainee can respond to these situations by selecting appropriate VMS messages. The simulator evaluates the operator actions by several criteria (such as traffic delays and safety score).

For more information, please see this video with english subtitles:

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