Variable message signs, Ljubljana ring at Kozarje

For increased security, Asist has implemented the speed measuring device and two variable message signs (VMS) that warn the drivers of driving above the speed limit and of a sharp turn to the left.

Instalation of a Variable message sign by Asist

As commisioned by DARS (slovene highway company) Asist installed two LED variable message signs and a microwave detector on western Ljubljana ring in the area of Kozarje.

Variable message signs (VMS) warn drivers of their inappropriate speed and by that provide greater security on the roads. Good visibility of the signs in all weather conditions is provided with a high brightness LEDs.

VMS signs flash only in the case when the speed of incoming vehicles is higher than allowed. On that part of the motorway the speed limit is 80 km/h. Microwave radar detector measures the speed of passing vehicles. The measured data is processed and forwarded to the VMS, which inform the drivers who do not respect the speed limit. The VMS signs show 80 and LEFT turn.

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