Client: JP LPT, DRSI

Server virtualization, 2018

Virtualization of server infrastructure for traffic control system of Ljubljana and regional roads in Slovenia AVP in CUVP

ASIST completed virtualization of server infrastructure for Road traffic control systems, both in Ljubljana and for CUVP centre for slovenian regional roads. Server infrastructure is now 100% based on virtual machines (VM), which allows for greater flexibility regarding hardware and software stack, higher availability, easier backup procedure and less error-prone maintenance procedures.

As a standard solution, we propose the solution with three physical machines running VM Hypervisor. Two machines are 'hot' and have synchronized diskspace using dedicated 10 GB ethernet connections. They have identical VMs. Each VM can be transfered while running in matter of milliseconds from one to another physical machine, which means that there is no downtime during maintenance of single machine. Third pyhsical machine is used for backup and fail-safe configuration of VMs, allowing for point-in-time recovery and emergency operation in case of simultaneous double failure.

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