About us

Asist is a technological leader in urban and motorway traffic automation.

Asist d.o.o. (ltd.) has been established in 1997, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We are a group of 20 creative and experienced experts aiming to co-create novelties in the automation of traffic control systems and implement them into road traffic.

We are technological leaders in urban and motorway traffic automation. As a HW/SW developer and system integrator, our field of expertize include smart urban traffic management system, traffic control centers, large family of traffic controllers, tunnel automation systems, emergency call system, adaptive traffic management, speed detection system.


The main activities of Asist are:

  • Development
  • Project designing
  • Project execution
  • System testing and commissioning
  • Training and assistance in system management
  • Maintenance.

The principal mission of the Asist company is to develop traffic automation systems and devices. Our in-house development enables our considerable independence in the execution of large-scale projects and adaptability to specific requests and wishes of our customers.

Considerable emphasis is placed on our products, and therefore we have our own hardware and software for all the programs of traffic automation. We follow the development of similar systems worldwide, using state-of-the-art solutions which we incorporate into our devices and systems. All of them are certified in accordance with the latest standards.

In addition to our development activities, we are intensively active in the execution of comprehensive projects, and we are of considerable assistance to our customers and users of the systems in their management and maintenance, and when necessary also in upgrading and expansion of the existing systems.

Wishing to be the leader and ensure the expansion of our company, we strive to actively follow the novelties on global scale, develop our own solutions and introduce them into traffic. We believe that our partners recognize the advantages of our comprehensive solutions since we have so far set up more than 700 traffic controllers in the region. We have extensive experience in the building of traffic automation systems in Slovenia and partly also abroad: in Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China  and Turkey.

Our field of bussiness

The activities of Asist in the field of traffic automation comprise the following programmes and products:

Urban Traffic Control Systems

  • Different types of traffic controllers: MSKE 60, MSKE 60/S, SRTC-6
  • Master data concentrator
  • Road signal output module
  • Inductive loop detector module
  • SW for the urban traffic supervision and control centre

Tunnel Supervision and Control Systems

  • Tunnel controller
  • Master tunnel data concentrator
  • SW for the tunnel supervision and control centre

Emergency Call Systems

  • Telephone pillars for highways
  • Telephone headset for tunnels
  • HW and SW for emergency control centre

Border Crossing Systems

  • Border crossing controller
  • SCADA for control and supervision of goods and people at border crossing
  • License plate and container code recognition system

Electronic Toll Stations

  • Local controller
  • Master data concentrator
  • Automatic number plate recognition

Highway Management Traffic Systems

  • Local controller
  • Master data concentrator
  • Vehicle height supervision system

Red Light and Speed Enforcement System

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