Project V2I Smart highway

Two way communication between vehicles and road infrastructure

In Asist we are developing two-way communication between vehicles and infrastructure (V2I), called V2I Pametna avtocesta (Smart Highway).

V2I Pametna avtocesta is going to be intelligent system, that will inform drivers on the highway about all relevant safety threats or events that have the level of importance which requires informing everyone in the specific part of the highway. The two-way communication between vehicles and road infrastructure, will happen in real time. Informing the drivers will influence better managing of the traffic, which will in turn lead to less traffic accidents, lower fuel usage and a more positive impact on the environment.


Main goals of the project are:

  • Development of V2I smart system equipment for highways/motorways
  • Positioning of Asist company and country of Slovenia as one of the leaders in the field of development of V2I technologies in EU
  • Development of new technological solutions and preparing all corresponding dissemination and marketing materials.


Result of the project V2I Pametna avtocesta will be development and production of devices and system for communication between road infrastructure and the vehicles (V2I communication devices).

The project V2I Pametna avtocesta is funded in the sum of 305.505,26 eur by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of Slovenia and by European Union from European regional development fund. More info about this:

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