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Since 1997, when Asist was founded, we carried out several hundred projects in different fields. Our main occupation is road traffic control hardware and software, but we have equally successfully executed projects in industry automation.

Fog detection and prevention system on Razdrto-Senožeče section 2019

Safer roads in case of fog.

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Toll station Torovo VMS System, 2018

VMS equipped points for exclusion of heavy vehicles on slovenian highways.

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Toll station Log VMS System, 2018

VMS equipped points for exclusion of heavy vehicles on slovenian highways.

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Server virtualization, 2018

Virtualization of server infrastructure for traffic control system of Ljubljana and regional roads in Slovenia AVP in CUVP

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Smart road system on Ljubljana bypass on Kozarje, 2018

Better flow of fraffic on ring road around Ljubljana.

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Integration of Kozina Highway Center, 2017-2018

Integration of ITS control software in one single workstation where operator can perform all necessary tasks.

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Intersection controllers connected to CUVP, 2018

Upgrade of intersection controllers and connection to central system of Slovenia Infrastructure Agency (CUVP)

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Emergency call system on section Arja vas - Slivnica and Šentilj –...

Rennovation of emergency call system on section Arja vas - Slivnica and Šentilj – Pesnica on the highway A1 in Slovenia.

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New "Smart Road" System in Section Postojna - Senožeče (Slovenia)...

In order to increase safety, a new system of variable road signaling was installed on the A1 motorway.

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Server virtualization, 2016

In the end of 2016 we have installed groups of virtual servers in the traffic centres of Dragomelj and Vransko in Slovenia.

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Electro mechanical equipment renovation in Greenwich Maribor Cut &...

New equipment for safer traffic in Cut & Cover Tunnel Greenwich in Maribor, Slovenia.

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Kastelec & Dekani Tunnels, Slovenia, 2015

A renovation of Kastelec and Dekani tunnels on A1 motorway took place in Q4 2015. Among other changes new VMS signs were added, speed measurement devices installed and ventilation system upgraded.

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Golovec Tunnel Renovation, 2015

A new radar-based system for vehicle detection

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Sten Tunnel - Škofja Loka bypass, 2015

Control and supervision system in a single tube, two-way traffic tunnel, with newest technology.

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Markovec Tunnel, 2015

Asist provided complete supervision and control system for tunnel Markovec.

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Toll Stations:

  • ABC System: Automatic Toll Collection in Slovenia, (Electronic Toll Collection on 30 toll stations in Slovenia, from 1996-2009)
  • Enforcement with ANPR (Log, Lukovica, Blagovica, Nanos, Bazara, Torovo, Dob, Drnovo, Kompolje, Postojna, Tepanje, Videž),
  • Toll Station Control System (Drnovo, Log)
  • Electronic toll station Jošanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2008)

Urban traffic and lighting:

  • Traffic Control System Maribor (over 30 intersections),
  • Traffic Control System Ljubljana (over 220 intersections),
  • Traffic Control System Podgorica, Montenegro (over 20 intersections),
  • Roundabout Tomačevo, the largest one in Slovenia (72 detectors, lighting),
  • Traffic Control System Karlovac, Croatia,
  • Traffic Control System for Croatian road authority,
  • Traffic Control System for part of Zagreb, Croatia,
  • Over 300 other local intersection controllers in 7 countries...

Converged Control Systems:

CUVP: central supervision and control systems for Slovenian road authority.

Border Crossing Control and Supervision:

Control and supervision of goods and people at border crossings:

  • Obrežje,
  • Gruškovje,
  • Jelšane,
  • Središče ob Dravi,
  • Dragotinci,
  • Petrina, Rigonce, Zg. Leskovec

and Container code recognition system Dobova.

Motorway Traffic Control - Smart Road:

  • A1 Motorway Kozina-Koper,
  • H4 Motorway Gorica-Razdrto,
  • H3 Ljubljana West Bypass,
  • Wrong-way Driver Detection and Prevention System (EU TEMPO programme), Koper,
  • E61 Motorway Karavanke-Hrušica,
  • E73 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Roadside Emergency Call System:

  • Vransko, Slovenia (over 100 roadside emergency phone units, VoIP),
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia (over 100 roadside emergency phone units, VMS control, VoIP),
  • Kozina, Slovenia (over 200 roadside emergency phone units, VoIP).

Tunnel Control and Supervision Systems:

  • Sten Tunnel, Slovenia
  • Markovec Tunnel, Slovenia
  • Ljubelj-Loibel, Slovenia-Austria, operated as part of CUVP system
  • Complete IP network redesign for major Slovenian tunnels
  • Simulation System for tunnel centre operators for Šentvid Tunnel, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Tunnel centre Kozina, Slovenia (tunnels Kastelec, Dekani, Tabor, Škofije, Markovec; short tunnel Vipavski križ)
  • Tunnel centre Dragomelj; Ljubljana, Slovenia (tunnels Šentvid, Golovec; short tunnels Moste, Ljubno, Mali Vrh, Debeli Hrib, Leščevje, Čatež)
  • Tunnel centre Vransko, Slovenia (tunnels Trojane, Podmilj, Jasovnik, Ločica)
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